7. Two Poems



I Will Remain With You…

You reign at the Father’s right hand In the kingdom of his eternal glory As God’s Word from the beginning.You reign on the Almighty’s throne Also in transfigured human form, Ever since the completion of your work on earth.

I believe this because your word teaches me so, And because I believe, I know it gives me joy, And blessed hope blooms forth from it.

For where you are, there also are your own, Heaven is my glorious homeland, I share with you the Father’s throne.

The Eternal who made all creatures, Who, thrice holy, encompasses all being, In addition has a silent, special kingdom of his own.

The innermost chamber of the human soul Is the Trinity’s favorite place to be, His heavenly throne on earth.

To deliver this heavenly kingdom from the hand of the enemy, The Son of God has come as Son of Man, He gave his blood as the price of deliverance.

In the heart of Jesus, which was pierced, The kingdom of heaven and the land of earth are bound together. Here is for us the source of life.

This heart is the heart of the triune Divinity, And the center of all human hearts That bestows on us the life of God.

It draws us to itself with secret power, It conceals us in itself in the Father’s bosom And floods us with the Holy Spirit.

This Heart, it beats for us in a small tabernacle Where it remains mysteriously hidden In that still, white host.

That is your royal throne on earth, O Lord, Which visibly you have erected for us, And you are pleased when I approach it.

Full of love, you sink your gaze into mine And bend your ear to my quiet words And deeply fill my heart with peace.

Yet your love is not satisfied With this exchange that could still lead to separation: Your heart requires more.

You come to me as early morning’s meal each daybreak. Your flesh and blood become food and drink for me And something wonderful happens.

Your body mysteriously permeates mine And your soul unites with mine: I am no longer what once I was.

You come and go, but the seed That you sowed for future glory, remains behind Buried in this body of dust.

A luster of heaven remains in the soul, A deep glow remains in the eyes, A soaring in the tone of voice.

There remains the bond that binds heart to heart, The stream of life that springs from yours And animates each limb.

How wonderful are your gracious wonders! All we can do is be amazed and stammer and fall silent Because intellect and words fail.

And I Remain With You

From a Pentecost Novena

1.Who are you, sweet light, that fills me And illumines the darkness of my heart? You lead me like a mother’s hand, And should you let go of me,I would not know how to take another step. You are the space That embraces my being and buries it in yourself. Away from you it sinks into the abyss Of nothingness, from which you raised it to the light. You, nearer to me than I to myself And more interior than my most interior And still impalpable and intangible And beyond any name: Holy Spirit eternal love!

2.Are you not the sweet manna That from the Son’s heart Overflows into my heart, The food of angels and the blessed? He who raised himself from death to life, He has also awakened me to new life From the sleep of death.

And he gives me new life from day to day, And at some time his fullness is to stream through me, Life of your life indeed, you yourself: Holy Spirit eternal life!

3.Are you the ray That flashes down from the eternal Judge’s throne And breaks into the night of the soul That had never known itself? Mercifully relentlessly It penetrates hidden folds. Alarmed at seeing itself, The self makes space for holy fear, The beginning of that wisdom That comes from on high And anchors us firmly in the heights, Your action, That creates us anew: Holy Spirit ray that penetrates everything!

4.Are you the spirit’s fullness and the power By which the Lamb releases the seal Of God’s eternal decree? Driven by you The messengers of judgement ride through the world And separate with a sharp sword The kingdom of light from the kingdom of night. Then heaven becomes new and new the earth, And all finds its proper place Through your breath: Holy Spirit victorious power!

5.Are you the master who builds the eternal cathedral, Which towers from the earth through the heavens? Animated by you, the columns are raised high And stand immovably firm. Marked with the eternal name of God, They stretch up to the light, Bearing the dome, Which crowns the holy cathedral, Your work that encircles the world: Holy Spirit God’s molding hand!

6.Are you the one who created the unclouded mirror Next to the Almighty’s throne, Like a crystal sea, In which Divinity lovingly looks at itself? You bend over the fairest work of your creation, And radiantly your own gaze Is illumined in return. And of all creatures the pure beauty Is joined in one in the dear form Of the Virgin, your immaculate bride: Holy Spirit Creator of all!

7.Are you the sweet song of love And of holy awe That eternally resounds around the triune throne, That weds in itself the clear chimes of each and every being? The harmony, That joins together the members to the Head, In which each one Finds the mysterious meaning of his being blessed And joyously surges forth, Freely dissolved in your surging: Holy Spirit eternal jubilation!

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