Calendar of OCD


  3:  Blessed Kuriacos Elias Chavara
8:  Saint Peter Thomas, Bishop
9:  Saint Andrew Corsini, Bishop
16:  Blessed Mary of the Angels, Virgin
27:  Saint Henry de Osso y Cervello, Priest
29:  Bl Archangela Girlani, Virgin


29:  St Joseph, Spouse of the Virgin Mary, Principal Protector of the Order


  1:  Blessed Nuno Alvares Pereira, Religious
17:  Blessed Baptist Spagnoli of Mantua, Priest
18:  Blessed Mary of the Incarnation, Religious
23:   Blessed Teresa Mary Manetti of the Cross, Virgin


  1: Saint Joseph the Worker
5:  St Angelus of Sicily, Priest and Martyr
8:  Bl Aloysius Rabata, Priest
9:  Blessed George Preca, Priest
16:  Saint Simon Stock, Religious
22:  Saint Joachina de Vedruna de Mas, Religious
25:  Saint Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi, Virgin
29:  Blessed Elia of Saint Clement, Virgin


  7:  Blessed Anne of Saint Bartholomew, Virgin
12:  Blessed Alphonsus Mary Mazurek, Priest and Companions, Martyrs
12:  Bl Hilary Januszewski, Priest and Martyr
14:  St Elisha, Prophet
14:  Blessed Maria Candida of the Eucharist, Virgin


  4:  Bl Maria Crocifissa Curcio, Virgin
9:  Bl Jane Scopelli, Virgin
12:  Blessed Louis and Marie Zélie Martin
13:  Teresa of Jesus “of Los Andes”, Virgin
16:  Solemn Commemoration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
17:  Blessed Teresa of Saint Augustine and Companions, Virgins and Martyrs
20:  Saint Elijah Prophet and Our Father
23:  Our Lady, Mother Of Divine Grace
24:  Blessed Maria Pilar, Teresa and Maria Angeles Virgins and Martyrs
24:  Blessed Maria Mercedes Prat, Virgin and Martyr
26:  Sts Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Virgin Mary, and Protectors of the Order
27:  Blessed Titus Brandsma, Priest and Martyr
28:  Blessed John Soreth, Priest
28:  St Pedro Poveda Castroverde, Priest and Martyr


  7:  Saint Albert of Trapani, Priest
9:  Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Martyr
12:  Bl Isidore Bakanja, Lay Martyr
16:   Blessed Maria Sagrario of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga,Virgin and Martyr
17:  Bl Angelus Augustine Mazzinghi, Priest
18:  Blessed John-Baptist, Michael-Aloysius and James Priests and Martyrs
25:  Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified, Virgin
26:  Bl Jacques Retouret, Priest and Martyr
26:  Saint Teresa of Jesus’ Transverberation


  1:  Saint Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart
12:  Blessed Mary of Jesus, Virgin
17:  Saint Albert of Jerusalem Bishop and Lawgiver of Carmel


  1:  Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Virgin
15:  Saint Teresa of Jesus Virgin and Doctor of the Church


  5:  Bl Frances d’Amboise, Nun
6:  Blessed Josepha Naval Girbes, Virgin
6:  Blessed Eusebio of the Infant Jesus & his 15 companion martyrs
6:  Blessed Luke of St Joseph and 13 companion martyrs
7:  Blessed Francis Palau y Quer, Priest
8:  Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, Virgin
14:  All Carmelite Saints
15:  All Carmelite Souls
19:  Saint Raphael Kalinowski, Priest
28:  Anniversary of the Reform of the Order (1568)
29:  Blesseds Dionysius of the Nativity, Priest Martyr and Redemptus of the Cross, Lay Brother Martyr


 5:  Blessed Bartholomew Fanti, Priest
11:  Saint Maria Maravillas of JesusVirgin
14:  Saint John of the Cross Priest and Doctor of the Church
16:   Blessed Mary of the Angels, Virgin

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