36. Diego Ortiz


To Diego Ortiz, Citizen of Toledo.

Our Lord had inspired this good man to found a Carmelite monastery in Toledo, and the Saint in this letter expresses her gratitude for such a favour. It seems to have been written from Salamanca. Date, 1572. Carta XXXVII. Spanish ed. vol. i.

MAY the Holy Spirit ever dwell in your soul, and give you His holy love and fear. Amen.

Father Doctor Pablo Hernandez has written to inform me of the kindness and charity which you intend showing me, in wishing to found a house of our Sacred Order. I firmly believe that our Lord and His Glorious Mother, my Advocate and Mistress, has moved your heart to do so holy a work, which I hope will greatly promote the honour of His Divine Majesty, and draw down upon you many spiritual advantages. May His Majesty give you what I desire for you, and what all the sisters pray you may possess. Henceforth the whole Order will be indebted to you. Your good design has given me great consolation; and I am also very anxious to become acquainted with you, in order to offer you by word of mouth my sincere gratitude; and I beg you will consider me for the future as your servant.

Our Lord has been pleased to take away the fever which I had. I am doing all I can to make this convent such as I wish it to be, and I think that by the assistance of God I shall soon accomplish my object. I assure you I shall lose no time, but hasten directly to meet you: even should the fever return, I shall not mind it; for it is only just that, as you do everything, I should do all I can on my part, and this is little or nothing. We should indeed take some trouble, and we ought to aim at nothing else but to follow Him who always lived in sufferings, without in any way deserving them.

I think I shall derive more than one benefit from this business; for, according to the letter I have received from Father Pablo Hernandez, I shall gain much by becoming acquainted with you; for up to this time I have been supported by the prayers of good people, and therefore I beg of you, for the love God, not to forget me in yours.

If His Majesty should not ordain otherwise, I hope to be at Toledo in the second week in Lent; for as I shall pass near those monasteries which our Lord has been pleased to found during these last few years, I shall be obliged to remain with the sisters there for some days, though the visits will be as short as possible. As you desire, I shall depart as soon as I can, though in a matter so well arranged, and which one may say is already accomplished, I shall have nothing else to do but to admire and praise our Lord. May His Majesty ever preserve you, and give you health and a long life, and an increase of that grace which I desire for you. Amen.

Your unworthy Servant,


January 9th.

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