35. Person afflicted


To a person who was afflicted at the death of his wife.

It is not known to whom this letter was addressed, neither can the date be ascertained. It is as beautiful and tender as the preceding. Carta XXXIX. Spanish ed. vol. vi.

JESUS. The Grace of the Holy Spirit be with you, and give you strength, both spiritual and corporeal, to bear patiently the great affliction which you have received. I feel for you so much, that did I not know this trial came from a just and merciful hand, I should not be able to comfort you. But as I know well how truly this great God loves us, and since I know also how deeply convinced you are of the miseries and instability of this wretched life, I hope His Majesty will enlighten you more and more, that so you may understand the particular favour our Lord bestows on those who have the happiness of knowing Him, when He takes them from this life: and especially you may be assured, in accordance with what our Faith teaches, that this holy soul is now in a Kingdom where she will receive a reward due to the numerous afflictions which she endured in this life with such admirable patience.

I have very earnestly begged of our Lord this favour for her, and have told our sisters to do the same. We have also requested him to comfort you, and to give you health to recommence the good fight in this miserable world. Happy they who are already in a place of security. I think this is not the time to write a longer letter to you: it had better be spent in praying to God to console you, for creatures can do but little in such an affliction as yours, and much less can I do anything who am so wicked. May His Majesty, then, being so powerful, comfort you, and henceforth be your friend and companion, that so you may no more regret the good soul whom you have lost.

Your unworthy Servant and Subject,


The Eve of the Transfiguration.

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