34. Don Diego


To Don Diego de Guzman y Cepeda.

The Saint consoles him upon the death of his wife. He was her nephew, being the son of her sister, Doña Maria de Cepeda. The date of this beautiful and tender letter is uncertain. Carta XXXV. Spanish ed. vol. i.

THE Grace of the Holy Spirit be with you, and give you all the consolation you stand in need of to support the great loss you have sustained, though it is only great because it seems so to you now. But our Lord who permits it, and who loves us more than we do ourselves, will one day make us understand that it is the greatest happiness which could have been granted to my cousin, and to all those who loved her, because He has taken her out of this world to enjoy far greater happiness in the other.

Do not suppose that you may yet live a long time for everything is short which so soon comes to an end: but remember that whatever length of time you may survive your departed spouse, it is but a moment. Put all your affairs then into the hands of God, and His Majesty will do what is the best for your welfare. It ought to give you abundant consolation to have seen a death, which gives us such great hope that she will live for ever in Heaven. Be assured, that as our Lord has now taken her to Himself, you and your children will receive greater graces and blessings from Him, because she stands before His presence.

May His Majesty hear my prayers for you, to whom we continually recommend her dear soul: may He also give you resignation to whatever He may be pleased to send you, and enlighten your understanding, that you may know how short are all the pleasures and troubles of this life.

Your unworthy Servant, TERESA DE JESUS.

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