1.Translator’s Note


Hidden in a convent and hidden in God during a time when the world around her was caught up in the conflagration ignited by Adolf Hitler, Edith Stein reveals both her awareness of the fire and her vision of the cross rising above it.

The essays in this book, particularly the later ones written while she was a member of the Carmelite community in Echt, Holland, permit a glimpse of the faith and surrender that has led the church to declare this woman blessed.

It has been my privilege and consolation to encounter my great aunt Edith on these pages as I struggled to grasp her thoughts in German and translate them into English. At this time, I want to acknowledge the help of Sr. Josephine Koeppel, O.C.D., in rendering traditional Carmelite ideas and Roman Catholic rites into contemporary idiomatic English. I also want to thank Fr. John Sullivan, O.C.D., and Fr. Steven Payne, O.C.D., for their support and encouragement of this effort. At the same time, I alone take responsibility for any errors that may still remain in this translation.

Waltraut Stein

Atlanta, Georgia

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